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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures
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Valle Verde Children’s Center is not affiliated with Mount Diablo Unified School District. We are under the guidance of Contra Costa Public Health, the CDC, and Community Care Licensing and are following their strict COVID-19 Guidelines — because of this, we can remain open when Valle Verde Elementary School is closed.


Times will be staggered. Please pull your car forward when possible. Remain in the car while VVCC Staff or Management take child’s temperature, record, and conduct a Visual Health Screening. Parent will be asked Family Health & COVID-19 Questions.

We ask you drop off/pick up at your designated times. If you are unable to do that, call the center, and we will meet you on the ramp for temperature check, Visual Health Screening, and Family Health & COVID-19 Questions.
Covid-19 Questions: By bringing your child to VVCC, you acknowledge that neither your child nor any family members have had any signs or symptoms of any illness, including but not limited to: fever, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, or sore throat.


a. Have you, your child, or any family members come in contact with someone that has a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19?
b. Have you, your child, or any family member been under investigation for COVID-19, or is currently ill with a respiratory illness?
c. Have you, your child, or any family member traveled internationally to countries with widespread, sustained community transmission in the last 14 days?

If yes to any of the questions, your child will not be admitted to VVCC for the day.


Children will be packed up, ready to go, and waiting outside in the K’s yard. This is a great time to check in with your child’s teacher with any thoughts or concerns.


VVCC Staff or Management will log the children in and out of the computer system until further notice.


Please make sure your child has no symptoms each morning. Children should not be given Motrin or Tylenol before being dropped off at VVCC. If they have any symptoms, please keep them home. Help us to stay COVID-19 and germ-free. Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

» Fever (100.4°F or Higher)
» Sore Throat
» Cough
» Fever
» Fatigue
» Shortness of Breath
» Respiratory Illness

To be able to return to VVCC, children must be symptom-free for 72 hours.


If your child becomes sick while at VVCC with COVID-like symptoms, your child will be isolated, and you will be called to pick up within 30 minutes. Please add additional local contacts to your Emergency Disaster Form to ensure this policy can be in place.


If your child is absent from VVCC for any reason, you must call and let us know. If it is for illness, we will need to record any symptoms your child has. Any information given will remain confidential.


Parents and visitors will not be allowed inside our building for the safety of our children and Staff.


Children will wear masks while indoors. Staff will wear masks both indoors and outdoors.


Children will have masks on inside to allow for closer contact but will remain 4-6 feet apart outdoors when possible.


VVCC will continue to implement our COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols. These include cleaning and disinfecting tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, the hydration station, and other high-touch areas throughout the center. Only one child may use the bathroom at a time, and it is wiped down after every usage, including toilet, sink, faucet, soap dispenser etc. All toys and manipulatives used by the children are put in a bucket, washed, and disinfected. VVCC also has a custodial company contracted nightly.


Children will wash their hands before entering the building, after activities, after using the restroom, before eating, after eating, and before leaving the building.


For quarantine, outbreaks, or shutdowns credit will be decided on a case-by- case basis and determined by the Board of Directors.


VVCC will contact families if Staff, Management, a child or a family member associated in our facility comes down with a case of COVID-19. VVCC will contact Contra Costa Public Health, the CDC, and Community Care Licensing, as well as VVE for further instructions. Your family will be informed as soon as possible. In turn, we ask our families to contact VVCC with any cases of exposure to family members.


We are requiring VVCC Staff to limit non-essential travel, especially to places in the United States that are considered “hot spots” by the CDC. In some circumstances, self-isolating for 14 days may be required. All travel outside of the Unites States will need quarantining upon returning home. We ask our parents to consider these policies as well, to keep our center COVID-free.

The health of our teachers, your family, and children are our top priority. These Terms & Conditions follow CDC, California Community Care Licensing, and Public Health Department guidelines.