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Fees & Policies

Please look over our Fee Schedule. If you have any additional questions, please contact our Center Director, Christine at (925) 944-5255.

Fee Schedule
(Click to download.)

Sibling Discount

Contracted schedules only.
» 10% discount on the lower cost monthly tuition
» 15% discount on the second lower cost monthly tuition

Conferences Schedule – December/Winter Break

» Set Schedule Contracts: Flexible arrangements for 1:30 PM dismissal; 75% of normal December tuition
» Two week credit for Winter Break

June Tuition – Set Schedule Contract

» 50% reduction in June fee

Non-School Days (7 AM – 6 PM)

Check out our Summary of Events to see the days we are opened/closed.
» Contracted Days: $25/20/$15 (siblings) per day
» Non-Contracted Days: $40/$35/$30 (siblings) per day

Holding Retainer

» Set Schedule Contract: $50 per month per child to hold the spot open

One Week Vacation Credit

» Set Schedule Contract: 25% reduction in fee for 5 consecutive days


» $25/month or $2/day

Changes to Monthly Schedule

Due by the 15th of the month change. (Begins 1st of the next month.)
» 1st time: No surcharge
» 2nd time: $15 surcharge
» 3rd time: $25 surcharge
» 4th time: Set Schedule Contract changed to Customized Schedule & rates

Not Notifying VVCC of Absence

It is necessary for you to notify us when your child is not coming to VVCC.
» 1st time: Strong warning about safety issues
» 2nd time: $15 surcharge
» 3rd time: $25 surcharge
» 4th time: Contract may be terminated

Not Signing Child In/Out

Required by State Regulation.
» 1st time: Strong warning about safety issues
» 2nd time: $15 surcharge
» 3rd time: $25 surcharge
» 4th time: Contract may be terminated

Late PickUp Fee

Late Pickup Fee of $10 per 10 minutes.
» Dismissal Pickup: 2:30 PM (MTTHF) & 1:30 PM (W)
» Modified Schedule Pickup: 4:30 PM
» Set Schedule Pickup: 6 PM
» Customized Schedule Pickup: Refer to Customized Calendar

Method of Payment

» Payments may be made via check or Tuition Express (checking only)
» We do not accept credit cards or Tuition Express accounts linked to credit cards

Late Payment Charge

Tuition is due the 1st of the month. Tuition Express fees are deducted on the 3rd of the month.
» After the 10th of Month: 10% surcharge on tuition
» Severely in Arrears: New payment schedule requiring Board approval
» Refusal to Pay: Certified letter of debt; referral to collections

Returned Check

» 1st time: $25 surcharge
» 2nd time: $25 surcharge
» 3rd time: $25 surcharge and payments made in cash or money order

Schedule Change & Withdrawal

Schedule change or withdrawal on the first of the next month due by the 15th of the month.
» Less than 2 weeks: Tuition paid in lieu of 2 weeks notice

Registration Fee

» $75 fee once per year (per family)
» For existing parents, $100 if signing up after June 6


Tuition Express, our automatic payment system, is the recommended payment method.
» Every family will have an account on file
» All tuition payments are due the first of every month that your child attends the center
» No reductions are given for absences, holidays, or outside activities/classes

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